Welcome to my new website!

Hi everyone, welcome to my new website! I hope you like it; a lot of work has gone into it as collating all the images and text is a fiddly job!

The weather has been testing for our gardens; scorched lawns and flowers and plants going over very quickly which is harsh as we’ve not even reached August yet. On the upside, Canna’s which have not done anything for me for quite a few years are going like mad and I do hope they will flower in good time. Hurray if that happens but having changed the colour scheme in that part of the garden a few years ago to pink and blue, I know that they will flower orange!

It’s not such a good idea to be planting right now unless you can really look after the plants and, of course, providing you can get a spade in the ground; a nightmare in my plot. I do feel for all the nurseries and garden centers who are struggling with sales as a result.

I have two planting schemes to implement but the weather needs to break. In the meantime the clients and I are planning the ultimate plant list, taking note of the conditions, aspect and soil.

Even though it’s too hot for planting, it’s never a bad time for planning and summer in general is a good time to design a garden. I’ve just recently started on a new project which is going to be hugely interesting. The client’s wish list includes a potager (an arrangement of raised beds for herbs, cut flowers and vegetables) a water feature with a rill (a narrow water channel) a vegetable garden, fishpond and restoration of many of the older features in the garden. This all sounds quite traditional and Victorian but all of them can be given a modern twist without ruining it………