27th April 2018
Dark Lane II
26th March 2018

L shaped garden sloping
away from the house


  • Rachel & Phil
    After we had the extension put on we were left with a short, sloping lawn with overgrown shrubs. We contacted Marianne and she presented us with great solutions to the problems we had. As a result we now have a garden which has everything we've ever wanted; a great pond, fruit and vegetables, flowerbeds and great places to sit at various times of the day! We love it!
    Rachel & Phil


This garden had a challenging shape; completing an extension left an awkward, sloping and short garden. Replacing the fence after building up the back boundary to create a level space allowed us to frame the best parts of the view whilst hiding the back of the neighbours’ unsightly shrubbery. This was achieved by staggering the horizontally slatted larch planks from high to low. The gaps between the planking gives an air of screening rather than blocking which has the effect of boxing the space in.

A substantial pond with cascading water, enlarging existing beds and creating new planting areas makes the ‘shortness’ of the garden disappear as there is so much of interest so close to the house whilst retaining the ‘borrowed’ landscape beyond.